14th EASN International Conference Workshops


Prof. Sophie Hallstedt, Prof. Ola Isaksson & Prof. Timoleon Kipouros
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden & Cranfield University, UK
Are we ready to design for sustainability?

The objectives and the expected outcomes are to discuss what sustainability means in the aerospace technology context and to identify technical-, product-, process-, and business- oriented challenges. One expected outcome is to bring together participants’ views on what potential trade-offs to address during the design of sustainable aerospace solutions across and along the air transport system. The workshop is a hands on interactive session in small groups working in parallel on specified tasks and the collective results will be discussed at the end. The outcome will be processed and communicated beyond the workshop. 

Dr. Carlos Xisto
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Bridging the gap from conceptualization to demonstration for climate neutrality by 2050

The workshop addresses the roadmap towards climate neutrality in aviation with special focus on propulsion technology, considering various approaches.  The objective is to lineup industry and academia expectations when investigating/developing technology from conceptualization to demonstration. We will target three overarching questions: What is needed to reach a demo? How can academic research contribute to that? Which other aspects, such as ATM, are to be considered? The workshop will include a panel with members from industry, academia and research institutes. It will also include thematic group discussions and a final summary to be shared with all the participants. 

Mr. Rainer Schweppe
Fraunhofer, Germany

  • EcoDESIGN and Life Cycle Assessment
  • EcoDESIGN and sustainable engineering
  • EcoDESIGN in Clean Aviation



Dr. Stephan Rudolph, Mr. Felix Löser & Mr. Julian Borowski, Dr. Marius Riestenpatt gen. Richter
University of Stuttgart, Germany & IILS mbH, Germany
Holistic digital modeling along the aerospace product life-cycle

Description to be provided soon