Topics (2023)

13th EASN International Conference Topics

The topics of the 13th EASN International Conference include but are not limited to:

  • Aerostructures: Materials
    Materials & Processes, Advanced Characterization, Design and Modeling, Smart by Design, Smart Materials, Hybrid Materials, Nano-enabled composites, Material Testing etc. 
  • Aerostructures: Structures
    Structural Analysis, Smart Structures, Aeroelasticity, Structural Behaviour etc. 
  • Aerostructures: Manufacturing
    Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Characterization (online, inline, real-time etc.), Structural Analysis, Process/Design and Modeling, Automation in production, virtual manufacturing, digitalization and digital twins, additive manufacturing, exploitation of advanced thermoplastics, out-of-autoclave manufacturing of composites, surface engineering technologies, joining techniques and adhesive bonding etc.
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), Sensors etc.
  • Flight Physics
    CFD, Aerodynamics, Airflow Control, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Wing Design, Noise prediction & Noise reduction, Computational Acoustics etc.
  • UAS & Scaled Flight Testing
    UAV Configuration & Technologies, Control Architectures, Aerial Robotics, Scaling, Subscale Test Platforms & Projects, UAS Applications etc.
  • Propulsion
    Combustion, Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer, Engine Control, Engine Health Monitoring, Fuels, Emissions etc.
  • Hybrid Electric Flight
    Hybrid Electric Architectures & Technologies, Distributed Propulsion, Design Methodologies, New Configurations, Synergetic Integration, Regulatory aspects etc.
  • Hydrogen Powered Aircraft
    Fuel Cell Propulsion & H2 Direct Combustion Systems, Storage and Distribution Systems for Liquid Hydrogen, Hydrogen-Critical Materials Performance, New Standards and Certification Procedures, Auxiliary Systems and Refueling Procedures, Structural Integration of Tanks, Fuel Supply Systems, Ground and Flight Test Demonstrations
  • Fuels & Energy Storage
    Alternative Fuels, Batteries, Liquid & compressed Hydrogen, Capacitors, Infrastructures (fuel tanks, distribution, systems etc.), etc. 
  • Small Air Transport (SAT) Technologies
    Innovations in cockpit and avionics, propulsion, airframe, materials, air traffic management, self-separation and collision avoidance, mission management, decision making support to the pilot, single-pilot operations, sustainability of SAT operations, scenarios, safety regulations and standards.
  • Avionics, Systems & Equipment
    Cockpit Systems, Flight Data, Communication Systems, Avionics Integration, Aircraft Security, Environmental Control Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Sensors and Data Acquisition etc.
  • Air Traffic Management & Airports
    Traffic Management, Air Transport Networks, Remote Control, Navigation Systems, UAV/UAM, RPAS, Drones, Airport Operation, Airport Security etc.
  • Human Factors
    Man-machine Interface, Cognitive Computing, Human Information Processing, Human Element in Security etc.
  • Innovative Concepts & Scenarios
    Disruptive & Unconventional Configurations, Open Platform Demonstrator Systems,  Breakthrough Technologies etc.
  • From Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0
    Factory of the Future, Digital Factory, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twins, Cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, human-centric, sustainable, resilient etc.
  • ecoDESIGN and Engineering for Sustainablity
    Sustainable Industrialization; Sustainability of materials, processes and resources; Environmentally friendly materials; Green and efficient manufacturing & production; Lifetime services; Recycling technologies, Disposal strategies, Waste management, End-of-Life; Life Cycle Assessment and environmental impacts; circularity and circularity performance.
  • Space Technologies
    Materials and Structures, Manufacturing Processes for Space Applications, Space manufacturing process technologies, Aerodynamics, Space Propulsion, Space Power, Robotics, Space Transportation Systems, Technologies for Reusable Small Launchers, Novel / Reusable Launching Concepts, On-orbit operations and servicing (OOO, OOS), Low-cost satellites technologies, etc.
  • Space Applications and Operations
    Earth Observation, Nano/micro Satellites, Integrated Applications, Space Communication and Navigation, Components for Orbital Use, CO2 monitoring from space, etc.
  • Space Policies
    Clean Space, Safety in Space, etc.
  • Safety, Regulation and Standards
    European Safety Regulations, Certification Standards and Policies, Virtual Certification, Workforce Training, Education & Training Programmes (incl. civil aviation cybersecurity, automation and digitization skills), etc.
  • Synergies and Technology Transfer with the Automotive Industry
    Aerodynamics, Electric Car-Electric Aircraft, Infrastructure, Testing Methods, Fault Prediction, Advanced aluminium manufacturing technology etc.
  •  European Policy Actions in the Field of Aviation & Space
    Open Innovation Test Beds for Composites, Support Actions for Coordinating Research, Facilitating Collaboration, Innovation Fostering, International Cooperation, 3O Policy, Infrastructures etc.