Publication Policy - General Information (2023)

Publication Policy Overview of the EASN Conferences


The permanent aim of the EASN Association is to ensure the excellence and high scientific merit of the EASN Conference series. Publication of high-quality proceedings and special issues of reputable peer-reviewed international journals contribute to achieving this aim. In this frame, the Organizing Committee has confirmed, the following publication arrangements:

1. Publication of the book of abstracts

Each year, participants have the opportunity to share the short summaries of their presentations in the EASN Conference book of abstracts.

2. Publication in Conference Proceedings 

EASN Conference Proceedings will be published in a dedicated issue of an open-access proceedings journal. Acceptance of papers will be a subject of a regular review process performed by the International Scientific Committee. This year's proceedings journal will be announced soon.

The relevant issues of the previous years'  proceedings have been published in the open-access journal IOP Conference Series: 

3. Publication to Special Issues dedicated to the 13th EASN International Conference

Prospective authors will have the opportunity to publish their works in special issues of reputable international scientific journals. The special issues will be announced soon. 

Relevant special issues dedicated to the 12th EASN International Conference can be found here.

Important Guidelines for Authors

  1. Prospective authors will be required to warrant that the work is original and submitted for first publication in the respective scientific journal(s). All submitted manuscripts will be checked to avoid claims of plagiarism. In this context, overlaps with already published works, including the full-length papers for the EASN Conference proceedings, should typically not exceed 25%. The accurate percentage of acceptable overlap will be set by the respective journal.
  2. In order for a work to be presented, included in the conference proceedings, and be eligible for the special issues, at least one author of this work, is needed to have a paid registration for the 13th EASN International Conference.
  3. Each participant is entitled to give at most, 2 presentations.