Technical Visits (2023)

13th EASN International Conference Technical Visit

The 13th EASN International Conference Technical Visit is a unique opportunity to explore one of the most innovative and advanced technological destinations in Italy. On the last day, conference attendees will get the chance to visit the Italian Aerospace Research Center (CIRA) and gain valuable insights into the Italian research ecosystem.​

  • The visit will run in the morning on the 8th of September, and registration is required as there is a limited capacity for each visit. A first-come, first-served policy will be implemented in this context.
  • The technical visit will be conducted in English and transportation will be provided by the conference organization. More specific information including locations and logistics, will be announced by the 25th of August to allow enough time for preparations.


Visit to Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA) 



CIRA is an Italian Aerospace Research Centre that was established in 1984. It was created to conduct research in the fields of space and aeronautics, and its primary goals are to promote research and technology development while enabling Italian enterprises to compete internationally.

The company has the largest research facilities in Italy, with unique testing facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories used by industries and bodies from all over the world. It specializes in the most advanced techniques of aerospace research, including the study of aeronautical craft and spacecraft, the development of innovative systems that can improve flight safety and management, and the creation of space transport systems for the future.

CIRA participates in European and international research programmes and collaborates with top universities and aeronautical and space companies. Currently, 370 people work for CIRA, mostly in research and scientific and technological development.

Our tour of CIRA's research activities is a unique opportunity to learn about the organization and the vital role of aerospace research in today's world. The visit will begin with CIRA's top management team giving a brief introduction to the organization and the importance of aerospace research. The Research Director will then present an overview of CIRA's activities, giving you an insight into the important work that the organization does. A tour of CIRA's main facilities, including its unique testing and laboratory facilities, follows, allowing you to see firsthand the cutting-edge technology and research taking place. We hope that this will be a valuable and informative experience for you.

Duration of the visit: approx. 3 hours
Maximum Number of participants: 100




Registration for technical visits is now closed.