Publication Policy (2020)

EASN Conferences Publication Policy

Permanent aim of the EASN Association is to ensure excellence and high scientific merit of the EASN Conference series. Publication of high-quality proceedings and special issues of reputable peer-reviewed international journals contribute to achieve this aim. 

To this point, the previous (9th) EASN International Conference, held in Athens, Greece in September 2019 has been attended by more than 450 participants from various disciplines. In total, 360 oral presentations were included in the technical program. As far as the conference publication policy is concerned, the following facts & figures can be obtained:

  • 118 full-length papers will be included in the EASN Conference Proceedings dedicated issue of the open-access publication series MATEC Web of Conferences (e-ISSN: 2261-236X, indexed in Crossref). 
  • A noticeable number of full-length papers (which will be announced soon) is in the process of being published in special issues of several scientific journals following a peer-review process. The special issues of the following journals have been confirmed: 

Aiming at further improving the scientific merit of the forthcoming 10th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of European Citizens”, the Organizing Committee is in the process of finalizing several publication arrangements which will be announced soon.

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