Key Note Speakers

10th EASN Virtual International Conference Keynote Speakers


The 10th EASN Virtual International Conference programme will include important Keynote Lectures, given by distinguished personalities of the European Aviation and Space Community, including industry, research and policymaking. The names of the, so far, confirmed Keynote Speakers are the following:  

Dr. Marcello Amato
CIRA | EREA's Ηead of the Aeronautical Research Group

Keynote title: “PRORA the Italian Programme for Aerospace Research”

With a background in Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Head of the CFD Laboratory and Fluid Physics Unit at CIRA for many years; currently he is in the International Affairs Unit of CIRA scpa.

Currently M. Amato has an active role in the following groups:

  • Italian Representative in ACARE Member State Group and General Assembly, ACARE WG-5
  • ACARE-Italia (Co-Chair of the Council; chairing Group for European Affairs of ACARE-Italia)
  • EREA-ARG (chairing 2006-2010, 2012-2013,2014-2015,2018-2019, 2020-2021), EREA GA
  • ESRE GA, ESRE Technology Advisory Board

He has participated in many EC R&TD funded projects in FP5, FP6 and FP7. Recently, he has been involved in EC funded projects related to support European research policy implementation mainly in aviation domain and recently in Space domain as well:
  • AirTN-FP6, Air-TN-FP7, AirTN-Nextgen (coordinating)
  • CANNAPE, OPTI, OPTICS, OPTICS2, CAPPADOCIA, Gabriel, Future Sky Safety
  • SAT-Roadmap, CARGO-Map, E4U

Some recent relevant documents
  • Amato, M., “The Italian National Programme for Aeronautics and ACARE-ITALIA, ACARE Aerodays 2005, Brussels 30-31 March 2005
  • Amato, M., “ The Italian National Programme for Aeronautics – ACARE-Italia, Aeronautics Days 2006, Vienna, 19-21 June 2006
  • Altri & Amato. M “Out of the Box Thinking – Ideas about the Future of Air Transport System - Part-1”, CIRA-06-3809, funded by EC
  • Altri et M.Amato, “Italian Vision for R&TD in Aeronautics, 2006
  • Amato, M, et Altri, “Italia Strategic Research Agenda for Aeronautics, 2006
  • Altri & Amato. M “Out of the Box Thinking – Ideas about the Future of Air Transport System - Part-2”, printed in November 2007
  • Altri and M.Amato, CIRA contribution to “R&TD Priorities for National Industry“, AIRI book 2008
  • Altri & Amato, M: ” The National Research Program (PNR) - PNR and R&TD priorities for Aeronautics – Contribution to PNR by National Technological Platform ACARE Italia, September 2009
  • Altri & Amato, M: ”ACARE Italia – National Technological Platform for Aeronautics – Proposal for a National R&TD Programme for Aeronautics”, January 2010
  • Altri & Amato, M : “Reflections for an aeronautical JTI in FP8”, February 2011
  • Altri et M.Amato, contribution to ACARE SRIA – Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for European Aviation, August 2012
  • M.Amato et Altri, Observation Platform to assess the fulfilment of Vision 2020 goals fromTechnological and Institutional standpoints - OPTI Synthesis Report, 2013, CIRA-TR-14-0060
  • Amato, M. et Altri, COMMON VISION on the development of a Small Aircraft Transportation system, SATROADMAP project, funded by EC, 2012, CIRA-TR-14-0061
  • De Graaf, A., Amato, M. et Altri, “SAT Roadmap on the Development of a Small Aircraft Transportation System”, 2012, CIRA-TR-14-0062
  • Altri and Amato, M, “Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Italia”, Marzo 2014
  • M. Amato, et altri, “Proposal for the update of PRORA – Italian Programme for Aerospace Research”. 2019



  Dr. Rémy Denos (invited)
European Commission | Policy Officer at Directorate-General for Grow, Space Policy and Research



Mr. Axel Krein
Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking | Executive Director

Keynote title: “Clean Sky: towards climate-neutral aviation”

On 1 February 2019, Axel Krein was appointed Executive Director of Clean Sky, the European Public-Private Partnership bringing together the European Commission and the aeronautics industry, SMEs, research centers and academia. Clean Sky 2 is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, and develops innovative technologies in order to reduce emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. To achieve the formidable challenge of carbon neutrality by 2050, an aggressive research & demonstration programme as part of Horizon Europe is currently under definition, together with an accelerated development and adoption of sustainable low-carbon fuels. Only combining the resources and funding in Europe will produce a substantial leverage effect and help reach the challenging objective of deep de-carbonisation.

Axel Krein joined Airbus in Hamburg in 1992 and held various positions including heading the Cyber Security Program Directorate (September 2014-January 2019); Senior Vice President Research & Technology (2007-2014); Senior Vice President Strategic Development (2004-2007); and Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (2000-2004). Axel holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen and worked at the university in the field of hypersonic space transportation.


Prof.Ing. Leonardo Lecce
Novotech - Aerospace Advanced Technology Srl | CEO & President

Keynote title: “Innovation Aspects in Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a Small Seaplane as Personal Transportation Vehicle”

Presently is President and CEO of an innovative SME company, named: NOVOTECH – Aerospace Advanced Technology Srl ( , that he funded in 1992.
Graduated in 1971 with honors in Aeronautical Engineering at University of Naples “Federico II”. Have is academic carrier at the same University, starting in 1973 as Assistant Professor and ending on Sept. 1st, 2016, after his retirement as Full Professor of Aerospace Structures. From 2000 to 2006 has been Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering. Supervisor of more then 250 graduation thesis and 20 Doctoral (PhD) Thesis, has been Coordinator of many Master, some with the involvement of Boeing and with the University of Missouri-Rolla on System Engineering.
Many times member of the UE Expert Commission for the Evaluation of the research proposal. Has been member of CIRA Scientific Committee for many years, as also member of the Council of ACARE-Italy from 2001 to 2017. From 2006 to 2016, Member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Structural Health Monitoring. Founder and President of the Alumni Association of the Aerospace Eng. graduated at University of Naples; President for many years of the Naples branch of the AIDAA (Italian Association of Aeronautic and Astronautic) and from 2013 to 2017 as been National President of AIDAA.
His main research interest have been: Prediction and Control of Noise and Vibration in Transportation Systems; Smart Structures and Systems; Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Structures; Wing and Control Surface Morphing and recently New Technologies for Out of Autoclave and Automated Composite Manufacturing. The results of his research activities are in more than 250 papers published on national and international journals and Proceedings.
Has been Scientific Responsible of several national and EU funded research contract and European Scientific Coordinator of MADAVIC in 5th FP and MESEMA in the 6th FP. Within the 7th FP (2007-2013) is coordinator of the Airgreen Consortium (9 different partners), Associate Member of Alenia managed JTI Clean Sky-ITD Green Regional Aircraft (GRA).
Presently with his Company NOVOTECH is coordinator of 6 Research Project (founded by EU and national programs) focused on new technology for manufacturing composite structures.


  Mr. Pierre Lionnet
Eurospace | Secretary General & Director of Research

Keynote title: To be announced soon



  Mr. Hervé Martin (invited)
European Commission | Head of Directorate-General for Research and Innovation - Clean Planet - Low Emission Future Industries



Dr. Marco Protti
Leonardo Aircraft Division | VP Advanced Research

Keynote title: "The future of aviation: the technology challenges ahead"

Marco Protti joined Leonardo Aircraft Division (formerly Aeritalia) in 1987.
He is currently VP of Advanced Research and he has the responsibility to oversee the Division Innovation process including research projects portfolio definition as well as the industrial exploitation of the developed technologies and management of the national and International research collaboration network.
In the past 30 years he has matured a large experience in managing National and International research projects acting as Technical Project coordinator and Program Manager.
Since 2014 is member of the Governing Board of the Clean Sky JU where he acts as deputy chairman.
He is the chairman of ACARE Italy, member of the General Assembly of ACARE, of the ASD R&T Commission, of the European Materials Modelling Council - Industrial Advisory Board (EMMC-IAB), of the Technical Committee of the Italian Aerospace Technology Cluster.
He has been also member of the SESAR JU Administrative Board.


Dr. Daniele Violato
Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking | Programme Officer

Keynote title: "Horizon 2020 Collaborative Aviation Research - an overview of results and impact"

Since June 2018, Dr Daniele Violato is Head of Sector - Aviation Research at the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the European Commission. He leads a team of project officers in charge of implementing the programme of aviation R&I under the H2020 Framework Programme's Societal Challenge "Smart, Green and Integrated Transport".
Daniele is responsible for the evaluation of research proposals and the monitoring of a portfolio of more than 80 R&I projects for a total budget of nearly 400 million euros. This portfolio is focused on medium-long term transformative research contributing to decreasing aviation environmental footprint, strengthening EU global competitiveness, further increasing safety, and further integrating aviation into a seamless multimodal transport system.
Daniele’s responsibilities include providing project-based feedback to the European Commission's policy makers on issues relevant to aviation research, transport and mobility, environment and growth.
Before joining INEA in 2016 as project officer for aviation R&I, Daniele had gained more than 8-year experience across Italy and the Netherlands. He started his career as project engineer in Siemens-Turbocare in 2008, and then joined TU Delft as research scientist from 2008 to 2012 contributing in EU funded projects (e.g. FLOVIST, ORINOCO, AFDAR); in 2013 he collaborated with NLR and from 2013 to 2016 he joined TNO as scientific consultant and business developer for the energy and automotive sectors.
Daniele received his PhD degree from the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of TU Delft in 2013 defending a thesis on jet-noise source investigations by means of time-resolved tomographic particle image velocimetry.


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