9th EASN International Conference Highlights

9th EASN International Conference Highlights

The 9th EASN International Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space", the largest and most comprehensive gathering of the Association so far, was successfully held in Athens, Greece between the 3rd and 6th of September 2019.

The EASN Association, the University of Patras and the National Technical University of Athens would like to address a big thank you to the Key Note Speakers, Session Chairs, Authors and Presenters, the members of the High level National Advisory Board, the International Scientific Committee and the local Organizing Committee to make this Conference a huge event.

The event included 9 Κey - Νote Lectures and more than 360 technical presentations distributed in approximately 70 sessions. Furthermore, 40 HORIZON2020 projects have disseminated their latest research results as well as the future trends on the respective technological field. In total more than 450 participants joined the 9th EASN International Conference.

During the four days gathering, distinguished personalities of the European Aviation & Space sector, updated the delegates on the future Industrial trends and the European priorities with respect to the medium and long-term goals. More specifically,

  • European Commission`s Dr. Michael Kyriakopoulos shared his viewpoint about "EU research and Innovation for a sustainable aviation: a perspective for the future"
  • Mr. Andrea Gentili from the European Commission as well, ended the 9th EASN International Conference with his useful and interesting concluding remarks regarding the "EU research and Innovation for a sustainable aviation"
  • Mr. Ron Van Manen from the Clean Sky JU, had a fruitful lecture about "Adapting to Survive: Aviation?s existential challenge to sustain its role in a net-zero carbon future"
  • Mr. Charalampos Papaspyros from Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI), spoke about the "H.A.I: Capabilities, role & contribution to the Aerospace Community"
  • Mr. Yann Barbaux, from AIRBUS SAS and Aerospace Valley Cluster, spoke about "From ICARUS to AMAZON, what makes Humans fly? Electric propulsion, Autonomy and Connectivity at the core of future flying vehicles"
  • Mr. Jean-Marc Astorg from Centre National d` Etudes Spatiales (CNES), presented the "Panorama of past, current and future European launchers"
  • Dr. Jean-Francois Brouckaert from the Clean Sky JU gave a keynote lecture on: "An outlook on the future of Turbofans and Aircraft Propulsion Systems"
  • Prof. Andreas Strohmayer of the Board of Directors of EASN shared the EASN approach about the "ASTORIA: Unmanned Aerial Systems targeted at Open Research & Innovation Actions in Europe"
  • Dr. Giuseppe G. Daquino from European Defence Agency (EDA) presented the "Unleashing the Potentiality of European Collaborative Defence in Aviation and Space".

Furthermore, in the frame of the 9th EASN International Conference the General Assembly of the EASN Association took place together with the election of the new Board of Directors (BoD), which will lead the actions of EASN for the following three years.

The new BoD is consisted by the following colleagues:

Chairman: Prof. Andreas Strohmayer, University of Stuttgart
Vice - Chairman: Prof. Konstantinos Kontis, University of Glasgow
Secretary General: Dr. Helge Pfeiffer, KU Leuven
Treasurer: Prof. Mario Guagliano, Politecnico di Milano
Scientific Advisory Officer: Prof. Elena Jasiuniene, Kaunas University of Technology
Industrial Advisory Officer: Prof. Konstantinos Tserpes, University of Patras

During the upcoming EASN BoD meetings, Prof. Spiros Pantelakis will also participate, as he granted the title of EASN Honorary Chairman by the General Assembly. Further information regarding the new BoD of EASN can be found here.

The Proceedings of the 9th EASN International Conference will be published by MATEC Web of Conferences, an Open Access publication series dedicated to archiving conference proceedings dealing with all fundamental and applied research aspects. Further to the proceedings, a number of selected papers will be published in international journals following peer review. The confirmed international journals in which full papers will be published are the following:

  1. Aerospace - Open Access Journal
  2. Manufacturing Review
  3. Journal of Aerospace Engineering
  4. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology (AEAT)

Finally, EASN has announced its 10th EASN International Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens" that will be held in Salerno, Italy on September 2nd to 5th, 2020. The aim of this event is to be a high quality scientific conference and in the same time a major European dissemination event. 

The Keynote Presentations of the 9th EASN International Conference can be found here. Proceedings and other conference material will be available soon.


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