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List of Workshops and Sessions organised in the frame of the 6th EASN International Conference


1) Workshop on Quality Assurance of Composite Materials- Chaired by Welchy Cavalcanti & Kai Brune

1.1 Session on Non-Destructive Testing of Composites
Chaired by Welchy Cavalcanti & Kai Brune


1.2 Session on Quality Assurance Concepts For Adhesive Bonding
Chaired by Welchy Cavalcanti & Kai Brune

  2) Workshop on Aircraft Design / Flight Physics / Systems - Chaired by Zdobyslaw Goraj & Eike Stumpf

2.1 Session on Design Challenges for Future Passenger Aircraft
Chaired by Markus Fischer


2.2 Session on Vortex Dynamics
Chaired by Eike Stumpf


2.3 Session on Modelling & Simulation of Flight Physics
Chaired by Shia-Hui Peng


2.4 Session on Active Flow Control
Chaired by Eike Stumpf


2.5 Session on Aircraft Components & Systems
Chaired by Zdobyslaw Goraj


2.6 Session on Flight Control
Chaired by Eike Stumpf


2.7 Session on Aeroelasticity & Unsteady Flows
Chaired by Zdobyslaw Goraj


2.8 Session on Crew & Cockpit
Chaired by Loukas Rentzos


2.9 Session on the Toica Project
Chaired by Jean-Claude Dunyach

  3) Workshop on Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation - Chaired by Zdobyslaw Goraj

3.1 Session on Multi Disciplinary Optimisation
Chaired by Tomasz Grabowski


3.2 Session on Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO: the AGILE project
Chaired by Björn Nagel

  4) Workshop on Power generation and storage - Chaired by Zdobyslaw Goraj

4.1 Session on Design Challenges for Future Aero-Engines
Chaired by Witold Wisniowski & Pawel Stezycki


4.2 Session on Hybrid Electric Technologies
Chaired by Andreas Strohmayer

  5) Workshop on Innovation & Emerging Technologies In Aeronautical Materials & Structures - Chaired by Spiros Pantelakis & Mario Guagliano

5.1 Session on Innovative Multifunctional Materials For Aeronautics
Chaired by Vicenzo Tucci


5.2 Session on Characterization & Modeling Of Nanofilled Polymers & Composites
Chaired by Konstantinos Tserpes


5.3 Session on Structural Aspects in Aircraft Design
Chaired by Alexander Shanygin


5.4 Session on the BOPACS Project
Chaired by Jan Halm


5.5 Session on Bird Strikes Simulation & Testing
Chaired by George Lampeas

  6) Workshop on Fatigue of Aeronautical Materials & Structures - Chaired by Paulo T. De Castro

6.1 Session on Fatigue of Metallic Materials and Structures
Chaired by Paulo T. De Castro


6.2 Session on Fatigue of Composite Materials
Chaired by Paulo T. De Castro

  7) Workshop on Small Air Transport & UAVs - Chaired by Krzysztof Piwek & Fulvia Quagliotti

7.1 Session on Small Air Transport Challenges
Chaired by Krzysztof Piwek


7.2 Session on Future Challenges of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Chaired by Fulvia Quagliotti

  8) Workshop on Alternative Fuels - Chaired by Inmaculada Gomez Jimenez

  9) Workshop on the Cater Project - Chaired by Romain Kervarc

  10) Workshop on the CAPPADOCIA Project - Chaired by Fabien Marty

  11) Workshop on Support Actions for Coordinating Research in the Field of Aeronautics & Air Transport - Chaired by Dietriech Knoerzer & Irene Pantelaki

  12) Session on Air Traffic Management


The poster Session will include the following papers:  

“Design-for-X innovative approach as a decision support tool for the creation of scaled models” A. J. Baptista


“Design of a telescopic wing mechanism using a AZ31B magnesium alloy” L. Reis, J. Pereira, E. Aguiar


“Exergetic Greenization for business Aircrafts: Methodology and a Case Study” O. Sahin, O. Turan


“Exergy-based sustainability analysis of a turbojet engine for subsonic flight” O. Turan, H. Aydın


Continuing with Environment & Passenger Friendly “Green” Civil Aviation Solution Air- to-Air Refuelling (AAR) – Why Needed & How to Achieve, Another Challenge Ahead R. K. Nangia


“Exergetic design of a jet engine: A parametric study” O. Turan, A. Topal


“Non-conventional composite materials for aerospace structures” INEGI


“Virtual testing of composite aerostructures" INEGI


“Some necessary additions to EASA PART 66 & 147 Licenses” Mukadder Igdi-Sen


“An evaluation of aircraft sequencing with different constraints” O. Sahin


“Generation and evaluation of time-resolved 3D-scan data of ice accretion processes” Reinhard F.A. Puffing, Wolfgang Hassler


“Improvement and Optimisation of Light-Gyroplane Performance” Wienczyslaw Stalewski


“Advanced methods of economy supplies and waste management in engineering industry” Maciej Moszumański


“Sintering sliding materials and utensils research in the universal chamber furance in protective atmosphereRyszard Moszumański