Keynote Speakers (2022)

12th EASN International Conference Keynote Speakers


The 12th EASN International Conference programme includes important Keynote Lectures, given by distinguished personalities of the European Aviation and Space Community, including industry, research and policymaking.
Below is an alphabetical list of they keynote speakers confirmed so far. In order to know more about each speaker, please click on their picture below.


Mr. Christophe Bonnal 
CNES Directorate of Strategy | Senior expert
EUCASS Board | Chairman of the Technical Committee

Keynote title: "Space Debris in a nut shell - Long Term Sustainability of Space Operations"


  • Christophe Bonnal started his career in Aerospatiale, now Ariane Group, working on technical topics related to the Ariane 4 launcher and some flight mechanics problems.
  • He was then in charge of several future concepts studies, including the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) and several launchers
  • In 1987 he joined the Ariane 5 Architect team, in charge of mission analyses
  • Since 1992, Christophe works for the Launcher Directorate of CNES where he was first responsible for the Ariane 5 system tests, including maiden flights
  • Following the qualification of Ariane 5, he headed the future launchers division
  • In 2005 he was named Senior Expert, first for the Technical Sub-Directorate, then directly attached to the Launcher Director.
  • Since beginning of 2022, Christophe Bonnal is Senior Expert in the CNES Directorate of Strategy.
  • In parallel, since 1987, Christophe is in charge of the Space Debris topic. He is French Delegate to Inter Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC), European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) and International Standardization Organization (ISO). He is chairing the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Space Debris Committee and the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Space Traffic Management Committee
  • Christophe Bonnal was co-founder in 2005 of the European Conference for Aerospace Sciences (EUCASS), acting now as Chairman of the Technical Committee
  • Full member of International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and Air & Space Academy (A&SA), Emeritus of French Association Aéronautique & Astronautique de France (3AF), member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS).

Author of 240+ publications, including 80 Peer Reviewed, 7 patents. Book on Space Pollution. Co-editor of Acta Astronautica, AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, CEAS Space Journal and IAASS Journal of Space Safety Engineering.



Dr.-Ing. Gisela Detrell 
University of Stuttgart (Germany), Institute of Space Systems | Research Team Leader

Keynote title: Surviving on Mars

Gisela Detrell graduated in aerospace engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC in Spain in 2009 and obtained her PhD from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and the UPC in 2015. She currently leads a research group at the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart that focuses on how to make it possible for astronauts to live in space. Gisela is a board member of Women in Aerospace Europe - Barcelona and Yuri's Night Germany, among others. She has a great passion for human spaceflight and welcomes any opportunity to bring space research closer to everyone.


Dr. Isabelle Lacaze
Airbus UpNext | Head of Technological Demonstrator

Keynote title: "Anticipating Disruption: Protecting Businesses Through Innovation"



Mr. Axel Krein 
Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking | Executive Director

Keynote title: Disruptive technologies: the path to take European aviation to climate neutrality

Since February 2019, Axel Krein is the Executive Director of Clean Sky, and since its establishment on 30 Nov. 2021 the Executive Director of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking. Clean Aviation develops and demonstrates revolutionary new technologies and aircraft concepts to support the EU's climate neutrality goals for aviation in the context of the Horizon Europe framework programme for Research & Innovation and the European Green Deal.

Prior to Clean Sky, Axel held various positions in Airbus, including Senior Vice President Cyber Security Program (2014 - 2019); Senior Vice President Research & Technology (2007 - 2014); Senior Vice President Strategic Development (2004 - 2007); and Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (2000 - 2004). Axel holds a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany.


Mr. Pablo Perez – Illana 
European Commission, CINEA - “Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency” | Deputy Head of Unit, Horizon Europe Transport

Keynote title: From inception to implementation of EU Aviation: Research, Innovation and Deployment with CINEA

Since 2021 Pablo Perez-Illana is Deputy Head of Unit at CINEA, the European Commission's Agency in charge of Transport, Energy and Climate research, innovation and infrastructure deployment. CINEA.C3 unit counts with 30 officers to implement Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe collaborative research & innovation in aeronautics / air transport, surface transport and urban mobility. Since 2004 he is civil servant at the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation in Brussels, with special focus on aeronautics research. From 1999 till 2004 he worked at the European Space Agency's Operations Centre in Darmstadt, as GMV Flight Dynamics Engineer for Mars Express, Rosetta and Smart-1 missions. He is Aeronautical Engineer by ETSIA-UPM, where he also researched on heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics.


Mr. Daniel Marco Pàrraga 
Government of Catalonia | Director General of Innovation and Digital Economy

Keynote title: Catalonia is going into orbit with the NewSpace Strategy

He was born in Barcelona in 1974 and has a MEng in Electronic Engineering from the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and a BEng in Industrial Engineering from the Barcelona East School of Engineering of the UPC. He also has an MBA from ESADE Business School.

He started his career as Communications Manager in an R&D group in the ASA-Lab, operated by Philips Consumer Electronics in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

He returned to Barcelona in 2000 and joined Doxa Consulting Group, where he performed different duties within the field of strategic business consulting in the technology, media and telecom (TMT) sector.

In 2007 he joined the government of Catalonia as Head of Business Digitisation and ICT industry promotion, of the Directorate-General for the Information Society; in 2012, he was appointed Director of the Digital Agenda for Catalonia 2020.

In 2014 he was named Director of the SmartCatalonia strategy of the government of Catalonia, the programme designed to turn Catalonia into one of the world’s leading smart countries. In June 2019, he was appointed Director General for Innovation and Digital Economy.

He also gives lectures in different postgraduate and master’s degrees offered by the UPC and the Universitat de Barcelona; in addition, he gives speeches in national and international congresses and debates related to digital transformation, and he is a mentor in technology entrepreneurship programmes.


Mr. Juan Francisco Reyes Sanchez 
CDTI-E.P.E, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
Horizon Europe | National Contact Point for Aviation

Keynote title: European Union transnational R&i aviation funding and the Spanish support

Juan Francisco Reyes is the Horizon Europe National Contact Point for Aviation in the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain.

He is also the Spanish Representative in the Clean Aviation SRG (acting as chairman), SESAR3 SRG, ACARE General Assembly, ACARE MSG and GARTEUR Executive Council.

He was part of the coordination group to define the Spanish Aeronautics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

She has been involved in several Aviation CSAs, supporting the definition and implementation of methodologies to assess the state of the art in research towards Flightpath2050 goals in the domain of safety, transnational collaboration, and international cooperation.

Prior to CDTI, Juan Francisco worked as project manager at the Research Directorate of Community of Madrid, as part of the Enterprise Europe Network madri+d, to help businesses innovate and grow on an international scale.

Until 2007, he held the position of Flight Test Instrumentation engineer at Airbus Military for C295, A310 BOOM and A400M programmes, in Madrid, Toulouse and Sevilla.

Previously we worked as a researcher at Infineon Technologies Germany, in the field of few electron circuits, and at Siemens AG Germany in the field of organic polymers in OFET`S.

He holds a Bachelor`s degree in Physics Science, a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a postgraduate certification in Management of international R&I programmes.

He is currently pursuing his PhD in Aerospace engineering, at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Prof. Dr. Dieter Schmitt  
EASN | Stakeholders Advisory Board Chairman and Independent consultant for aeronautics

Keynote title: Quō vādis Aeronautics?

Keynote co-authors: Dr. Dietrich Knoerzer | former Senior Officer in the Aviation Unit of DG Research & Innovation, European Commission & Prof. Spiros Pantelakis | EASN Honorary Chairman

Academic background: 7 years as Researcher at TH Darmstadt (1968-1975) 7 years as Professor at TU München (1996-2002)

Industrial background: 25 years working at Airbus in Hamburg and Toulouse Last position “VP Research and Technology” (2002 – 2007)

Research Background: Technical Director of “Bauhaus Luftfahrt” in Munich (2008/9)

Support to national and EU agencies like ACARE, CS, CS2, BMWi, CA (since 2007) Member of CS2 Scientific Committee (2014 – 2021)

Publications: 1 book: Air Transport System; published Springer 2016; ~100 technical papers